Boboto promotes activities oriented towards the world of education, inclusivity and social innovation.

Our mission is to promote education as a continuous learning process.


What is BOBOTO


Montessori 3D

By reproducing Montessori material with new technology, the project wishes to maximize the usability and inclusivity of Montessorian pedagogy in all educational contexts, in and out of schools, with teachers and families.

montessori 3d project


The project


The objective of "MONTESSORI 3D" Project is to be as inclusive and as accessible as possible; to reach all educational contexts – in and out of schools - with educators and families

catalogo montessori 3d 2018


Download our catalogues


Consult the catalogues and price list of our Montessori materials. You will find the Montessori 3D Catalogue and the Montessori 3D Kit, the Montessori 3D Kit is to be purchased with your Teacher's Card.

Coding and computational thinking

One of the most interesting ways to develop computational thinking is through programming in the context of play. The word play is absolutely not intended to mean something frivolous. “The opposite of play is not that which is serious, rather that which is real”


labs coding and computational thinking


The labs


Our coding lab may be added to either a school curriculum or adopted as an extracurricular activity and, by fostering motivation, it allows the following to reach specific learning objectives, to acquire transversal skills, to valorize each individual’s talent, to maximise the capacity for attention, concentration and memory.

training coding and computational thinking


The training


We believe it is responsibility of the school to encourage students to use technological means in an active and conscious manner and to experiment with new ways and new contexts to reflect, cooperate, develop creativity and learn.