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Boboto and Ubuntu

Boboto was founded in 2016 to promote activities oriented to the world of education, inclusion, and social innovation. The word Boboto perfectly describes what we want to convey: it is a Lingala word - the Republic of Congo language - which means friendship, kindness, understanding, peace, and humanity.

Our projects are inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy, of which Nelson Mandela was a great ambassador. It is a real African rule of life, based on respect and support for others considering not only our rights but also our responsibilities for the benefit of the entire community.

"I am what I am as a consequence of what we all are”.

Boboto and the Montessori method

The value of Montessori pedagogy has been recognized all over the world and confirmed by neuroscience, which has studied its effectiveness in the development of cognitive and social skills of children.

In Italy, however, the educational system does not ensure a wide diffusion of the Montessori method in public schools and the cost of Montessori materials is often prohibitive.

Hence the need to set up a synergistic system that makes the Montessori method and materials accessible to everyone.

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Boboto is a Benefit Company.

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