Montessori 3D project

Montessori 3D project wishes to maximize the usability and inclusivity of Montessorian pedagogy in all educational contexts, in and out of schools, with teachers and families. The project aspires to reproduce Montessori material through 3D printing, laser cutting, and other technologies. This will allow for a greater access to the material while reducing overall costs. It will also allow us to produce those “precious” little pieces that have been lost and to fix broken material.

The files used to produce our material will be “open source”. This is an important tenet of Montessori 3D as we wish to give everyone who wishes to reproduce this material the opportunity to do so.

We believe in the educational opportunities that the Montessori method provides. Indeed, neuroscience has confirmed that its pedagogy is highly effective when it comes to forming the mind. With these beliefs as our basis, we wish to lead a project of research and development that will allow us to identify and overcome the obstacles that limit the diffusion of the Montessori method in Italian public schools, as opposed to its proliferation in other parts of the world where it has been generously adopted and integrated.
Through research, we would like to apply the principles of this pedagogy to the development of new material that will be utilized for both didactic and recreational purposes. Our mission is to facilitate the learning process as Doctor Montessori intended it.

After a year or research, Ashoka Italia - a global association of social innovators in collaboration with Staanoi Onlus and Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA- has outlined the mapping of educational innovation by presenting the most innovative methods and schools in Italy. The mapped methods are 28 overall and 8 of them use the technology in varying degrees.

Among these is project MONTESSORI 3D


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Maria Montessori and her thought

"If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men."

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori, an Italian scientist and educator, is renowned for having developed the method that bears her name. The Montessori method, which may be applied from nursery school through secondary school, was able to assess - through scientific observation - that when children are given the freedom to organize their own activities in an environment which caters to their needs, they are able to learn, exercise their skills, and develop their personality to the best of their ability.

In a space carefully arranged by the educator, children will be surrounded by invitations to act, and their activities will be encouraged rather than merely allowed. In this environment, Montessori materials gain utmost importance, as they facilitate the learning process.

National testing - MONTESSORI 3D

Teachers and children, through their feedback, have become a fundamental part of the process of improvement and evolution of this project from the bottom.


BOBOTO 2018 catalog

Montessori 3D 2018 catalog

Download the catalogue of educational materials we have produced.

All material is manufactured in strict compliance with the European regulation.

Use your Teacher's Card to purchase the "3D Montessori Kits" made exclusively for you by Boboto.

Each kit is composed of an E-book which contains a tutorial about the Montessori material attached. Read how to use your bonus.


Download catalog



Kit Montessori 3D catalogue
Special "Parents Card" 2019

Check out the new Boboto catalogue dedicated to parents, created with many different materials to use even at home!


Download our catalogue "Montessori 3D Kit Parents Card"

catalogo BOBOTO Kit Carta del Docente 2018


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Free files Montessori 3D

The files used to produce our material will be “open source”. This is an important tenet of Montessori 3D as we wish to give everyone who wishes to reproduce this material the opportunity to do so.

On this page you can see our materials project files that we will give free of charge.

All files are available under CREATIVE COMMONS creative commons


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