Iliana Morelli


Iliana Morelli is the founder and chairperson of Boboto.

Boboto promotes inclusivity and social innovation in the world of education by collaborating with public and private institutions, research institutions and civil society. Iliana is the creator of MONTESSORI 3D, a cornerstone project for Boboto, which seeks to make montessorian pedagody as inclusive and as accessible as possible in all educational contexts, in and out of schools, with teachers and families.

Iliana has a degree in Media and Communications from the University of Perugia and a Master’s in Event Planning from Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica. In 2014 she specialized in Coordination of Early Childhood Services with a montessorian focus at the Università Roma Tre and completed a course in Multiple Intelligences organized by Centro Studi Erickson.

Iliana is a founding member of Coderdojo Club Lecce and has worked for #HPECode4Lecce as a mentor for children. The latter, a project of the Comune di Lecce ((Assessorato alle Politiche Comunitarie and Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione) in collaboration with HP Enterprise, sought to innovate all educational contexts --from preschool through professional training programs-- by supporting padagogical and didactic models with innovative technologies.

She supervises the educational section of “XOFF. Conversazioni sul Futuro”, organized by the association Diffondere Idee di Valore. In collaboration with Cetma and Università del Salento, she has held professional training courses for teachers in educational robotics and computational thought in childhood.

Iliana is Salento’s representative for Fondazione Montessori Italia.

Her dream is to see the children of our world grow in educational and family contexts that may develop their innate potential.